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Small Charity Partners

The Armourers & Brasiers' Gauntlet Trust is giving grants over three years to the following small charities.  We are also working with them in other ways to help deliver their goals. 

  • Changing Tunes

    Changing Tunes runs long-term music and mentoring programmes in prisons, secure children's homes and post-release to help participants lead crime-free lives that are meaningful and creative.

  • The Compassionate Friends

    The Compassionate Friends are bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents who provide support and care to similarly bereaved families who have suffered the death of a child or children of any age. Our grant supports families bereaved by suicide.

  • The Rodolfus Foundation

    The Rodolfus Foundation provides choral singing education for 8 to 21-year olds. Our grant funds the Choral Academy Hackney an outreach project working with two primary schools in Hackney, east London offering high quality choral singing education in each school on a weekly basis, with mentoring by members of The Rodolfus Choir, regular performance opportunities and a large 'event' concert.

  • Scarabeus Aerial Theatre

    Scarabeus Aerial Theatre's Flying into Physics project is a new way of teaching physics to KS2 children through aerial flying.  Exciting and creative aerial techniques encourage children to explore physical forces, making science approachable and accessible for a wide range of learners, including those who typically feel less inspired by science. 

  • The Spitz

    The Spitz creates enriching opportunities for participation in live music in care homes and day centres, improving the quality of life of disadvantaged older adults by reducing isolation and promoting wellbeing and community connections.

  • The Stuart Low Trust

    The Stuart Low Trust is a mental health charity in Islington, north London.  It provides safe spaces and community activities focusing on arts, nature and wellbeing.  It aims to connect and support people to overcome the isolation associated with poor mental health, and it offers a range of mental health and wellbeing resources. 

  • Teddy's Wish

    Teddy's Wish provides care and support for families grieving the loss of a baby and funds vital research into the causes of SIDS, stillbirth and neonatal death. Our grant provides 12 fully funded bereavement counselling sessions to four families each year.

  • Yes Outdoors


    Yes Outdoors is a youth charity operating in a deprived area of Camden, north London. Our grant supports a Targeted Tutoring Project and Homework Club offered at an established youth centre.  As well as one-to-one support from a qualified teacher, young people are able to study in a safe and positive environment with space to work. After the study session, they are offered a hot meal and can participate in the youth club's programme for the evening.