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Previous Venture Prize Winners

The Venture Prize was established in 2007 and has produced a growing portfolio of start up companies in the Materials Science & Technology sectors.  They cover a broad range of Materials Science, from medical materials to water purification technologies.


  • Metasonixx Ltd

    Year: 2021

    Project: Metasonixx Ltd

    Project Summary:

    Acoustic metamaterials that give unprecedented control on sound delivery and noise management. Metasonixx is a spin out company of the Universities of Sussex and Bristol.

  • Kalium Health

    Year: 2019

    Project: Kalium Health

    Project Summary:

    Rapid, low-cost patient-administered test for blood potassium levels, with potential additional applications, developed by Kalium Diagnostics, a spin out company of the University of Cambridge.

  • Dr Szymon Kubal

    Year: 2018

    Project: Kubal-Wraith Ltd

    Project Summary: Laser technology for real time monitoring in molten metal furnaces

  • Puraffinity logo

    Year: 2017

    Project: Puraffinity

    Project Summary: Smart materials for environmental applications in particular industrial wastewater treatment to remove micro pollutants. 

  • Hexigone Inhibitors

    Year: 2016

    Project: Hexigone Inhibitors

    Project Summary: Smart release, self healing, chrome free corrosion inhibitor for galvanised steel.

  • Pertinax Pharma Ltd logo

    Year: 2015

    Project: Pertinax Pharma Ltd.

    Project Summary: New formulation of an established antimicrobial agent to provide slow release over a controlled period of time, and increase protection against antibacterial and antifungal infection for weeks, months or years.

  • Sirakoss Limited logo

    Year: 2014

    Project: Sirakoss Limited.

    Project Summary: A purely synthetic bone graft substitute designed for use in spinal fusion surgery for back pain, or repairs for bone injuries. In November 2020 Sirakoss was acquired by OssDsign, a Swedish company specialising in bone replacement technology.

  • BioMin Technologies Ltd. logo

    Year: 2013

    Project: BioMin Technologies Ltd.

    Project Summary: Bioglass ingredient for toothpaste to remineralise tooth surfaces and treat dental sensitivity

  • Oxacs logo

    Year: 2012

    Project: OxAcs Limited

    Project Summary: Low cost & abundant transparent conducting oxide films and coatings for touch screens.

  • Atocap logo

    Year: 2010

    Project: AtoCap Limited

    Drug encapsulation technology to enable targeted delivery of therapies.