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Previous Venture Prize Winners

The Venture Prize was established in 2007 and has produced a growing portfolio of start up companies in the Materials Science & Technology sectors.  They cover a broad range of Materials Science, from medical materials to water purification technologies.


  • BindEthics logo

    Year: 2023

    Project: BindEthics

    Project Summary:

    This innovative new adhesive is derived from purified and refined industrial bio-waste. It should enable 90 % of engineered wood products, such as furniture and construction boards, to become fully recyclable and help to develop a sustainable circular economy in this sector. 

  • ArtioSense

    Year: 2022

    Project: ArtioSense

    Project Summary:

    New smart sensors which will aid soft tissue balancing and correct positioning of joint implants during surgery. This technology will deliver longer lifetimes for the implants and reducing the need for revision surgery. The first application is likely to be hip replacement surgery but further applications are envisaged, in orthopaedic surgery, sports medicine and beyond.  More information is available here.

  • Metasonixx Ltd

    Year: 2021

    Project: Metasonixx Ltd

    Project Summary:

    Acoustic metamaterials that give unprecedented control on sound delivery and noise management. Metasonixx is a spin out company of the Universities of Sussex and Bristol.

  • Kalium Health

    Year: 2019

    Project: Kalium Health

    Project Summary:

    Rapid, low-cost patient-administered test for blood potassium levels, with potential additional applications, developed by Kalium Diagnostics, a spin out company of the University of Cambridge.

  • Dr Szymon Kubal

    Year: 2018

    Project: Kubal-Wraith Ltd

    Project Summary: Laser technology for real time monitoring in molten metal furnaces

  • Puraffinity logo

    Year: 2017

    Project: Puraffinity

    Project Summary: Smart materials for environmental applications in particular industrial wastewater treatment to remove micro pollutants. 

  • Hexigone Inhibitors

    Year: 2016

    Project: Hexigone Inhibitors

    Project Summary: Smart release, self healing, chrome free corrosion inhibitor for galvanised steel.

  • Sirakoss Limited logo

    Year: 2014

    Project: Sirakoss Limited.

    Project Summary: A purely synthetic bone graft substitute designed for use in spinal fusion surgery for back pain, or repairs for bone injuries. In November 2020 Sirakoss was acquired by OssDsign, a Swedish company specialising in bone replacement technology.

  • BioMin Technologies Ltd. logo

    Year: 2013

    Project: BioMin Technologies Ltd.

    Project Summary: Bioglass ingredient for toothpaste to remineralise tooth surfaces and treat dental sensitivity

  • Atocap logo

    Year: 2010

    Project: AtoCap Limited

    Drug encapsulation technology to enable targeted delivery of therapies.