Guidelines for funding

1. Grants are considered in each of the following categories:
  • Community & Armed Forces
  • Children, Youth and General Education
  • Medical and Health
  • The Arts, Arms and Armour
  • Christian Mission
2. For general charitable giving, grants are not made as follows:
  1. To organisation or groups that are not registered charities.
  2. In response to applications for the benefit of individuals.
  3. To organisations or groups whose main object is to fund or support other charitable bodies.
  4. Which are in direct relief of, or will lead to, a reduction of financial support from public funds.
  5. To charities with gross income in excess of £500,000.
  6. To charities which spend over 10% of their income on fund-raising activities.
  7. Towards general maintenance, repair or restoration of buildings, including ecclesiastical buildings, unless there is a connection with the Armourers & Brasiers' Company, or unless of outstanding importance to the national heritage.
  8. To appeals for charitable sponsorship from individuals.
  9. To locally focused charities outside London, or to support projects being delivered outside the UK.

3. General Information for Applicants

  1. Grants are not normally awarded to an organisation in consecutive years, but organisations may reapply once a full year has elapsed since a previous award.
  2. The Trust does not usually accept invitations to appoint representatives to serve on the controlling bodies of organisations to which grants have been made.
  3. The Trust is content for discreet acknowledgement of grants.
  4. Normally the Trust does not support charities whose accounts disclose substantial financial reserves.
  5. As the Trust is permitted to fund only charitable activities, no support is given to political or commercial appeals.
  6. The Trust funds are relatively modest; therefore applications for large sums should be avoided.  Grants are typically in the range £500 to £1500 and often at the lower end of that range.
  7. All unsuccessful applicants normally receive a refusal letter.
  8. Charities should be operating nationally in the UK, or in the London area (defined as within the M25).  
4. How to Apply
The Trust does not issue application forms, but all appeals from charities should be accompanied by the latest annual report and audited accounts.

The Trustees currently meet three times each year.  The approximate dates of each meeting are as follows, with deadlines for receipt of applications in brackets:

  • February (31st December)
  • May (30 April)
  • September (31 August)

Appeals or enquiries should be addressed to the Charity & Partnership Manager and may be emailed to or posted to:
Charity & Partnership Manager
The Armourers & Brasiers Gauntlet Trust
Armourers' Hall
81 Coleman Street

020 7374 4000 option 4