Gauntlet Trust

Armourers & Brasiers Gauntlet Trust
(Registered Charity No 279204)

From its foundation in 1322, the Company has supported many charities, and its members and their families have provided gifts and legacies for this purpose. To focus its charitable giving, the Company set up the Armourers & Brasiers' Gauntlet Trust in 1979 and has gifted large amounts to it. Members still make annual contributions and remember the Trust in their wills.

The objectives of the Trust are:
  • Support for education and research in Materials Science and technology and for basic science in schools
  • Encouragement of the understanding and preservation of historic Armour
  • Encouragement of the armourer's trade in the armed services
  • Encouragement of professional excellence in the training of young officers in the Armed Forces
  • To consider appeals in the following overall categories:
    • Community & Armed Forces
    • Children, Youth & General Education
    • Medical & Health
    • The Arts, Arms and Armour
    • Christian Mission

Three quarters of the charitable giving is directed to the first objective and is administered by the Company's Materials Science Committee. The remainder is applied by the Trustees to the other objectives.

The Trust is not a large charity, so the Trustees prefer to make small grants to smaller and less well known charitable organisations rather than to those with a high public profile. Grants awarded are listed each year in our report to the Charity Commission, see, charity registration number 279204.
For more information on our occasional grants programme for general good causes see our Guidelines for Funding.